Lyndon B. Johnson High School (Laredo, Texas)

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Lyndon B. Johnson High School is a secondary school located in Laredo, Texas, United States. L.B.Johnson is a part of the United Independent School District, and it serves a portion of south Laredo and the neighboring cities of El Cenizo and Rio Bravo.


Lyndon B. Johnson opened in 2001 with its first graduating class in 2005. Its colors are purple, black, and gold.


The mascot for LBJ High School is a wolf.

Standardized Dress[edit]

Starting in the 2007–2008 school year, students are required to follow standardized dress code provided by the district.[1]

Purple is Johnson's designated extra shirt color choice. The Texas Education Agency specified that the parents and/or guardians of students zoned to a school with uniforms may apply for a waiver to opt out of the uniform policy so their children do not have to wear the uniform; parents must specify "bona fide" reasons, such as religious reasons or philosophical objections.[1]

Feeder Schools[edit]

Feeder elementary schools include:

Feeder middle schools include:


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