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For the musician, see Lynn Morris (musician).

Lynn Morris (born 1954) is a Christian fiction author. She is the daughter of Gilbert Morris and has co-written with him on most of her books.

Books by Lynn Morris[edit]

Cheney Duvall, M.D. Series[edit]

This series was co-written with her father, Gilbert Morris

Published by Bethany House: "A trailblazing woman of courage, Cheney Duvall graduates from the first American college to grant degrees to women physicians just as the Civil War ends. Long-standing prejudices have not dissipated, however, and she must prove herself time and again--testing her dedication and the faith that compels her."

  1. The Stars for a Light, 1994
  2. Shadow of the Mountains, 1994
  3. A City Not Forsaken, 1995
  4. Toward the Sunrising, 1996
  5. Secret Place of Thunder, 1996
  6. In The Twilight, In The Evening, 1997
  7. Island of the Innocent, 1998
  8. Driven With the Wind, 2000

Omega Trilogy[edit]

Published by Thomas Nelson. Co-written with her father, Gilbert Morris and brother, Alan Morris.

  1. The Beginning Of Sorrows, 1999
  2. Fallen Stars, Bitter Waters, 2000
  3. Seven Golden Vials, never released

Cheney and Shiloh: The Inheritance Series[edit]

This is a follow up series to Cheney Duvall, M.D. Also co-written with her father, Gilbert Morris.

Published by Bethany House: "Cheney Duvall is now married to Shiloh, but that doesn't mean life will get any easier. Shiloh's past continues to come back to haunt them, and the couple finds themselves swept up in adventure and excitement as they use their medical skills to help the needy."

  1. Where Two Seas Met, 2001
  2. The Moon By Night, 2004
  3. There is a Season, 2005

The Creole Series[edit]

Published by Thomas Nelson. Co-written with Gilbert Morris.

  1. The Exiles, 2003 (also called The Exiles: Chantel)
  2. The Immortelles, 2004 (also called The Immortelles: Damita)
  3. The Alchemy, 2004 (also called The Alchemy: Simone)
  4. The Tapestry, 2005 (also called The Tapestry: Leonie)

Standalone books[edit]

  • The Balcony, 1997 from the Portraits Series
  • Red & Lowering Sky

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