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Lynne E. Frostick is a British geographer. She is Professor of Physical Geography at the University of Hull. She completed her PhD in 1975 at the University of East Anglia entitled "Sediment Studies in the Deben Estuary, Suffolk, England". Her research interests include sediment and flow dynamics in rivers and estuaries and the interdisciplinary problems associated with waste. The physical modelling facility she has developed at The Deep is part of the EU HYDRALAB project. Activities outside of the university have included a seat on the editorial board of Geographical Journal and chairing the government’s Expert Group for Women in STEM. In 2008 Frostick became President of the Geological Society of London and chair of the British Society for Geomorphology. She is a member of the government's science careers expert group.[1] In 2009 she received a UKRC Women of Outstanding Achievement Award. Frostick has published over one hundred papers and books, crossing disciplines including physics, mathematics and engineering.[2]


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