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Lynx GLX 5900 snowmobile

Lynx is a snowmobile brand in Finland and has made many unique inventions in snowmobile technology. The newest Lynx snowmobiles are built on the Ski-Doo Rev-XP platform with minor differences (RE-X-frame), but they use another type of rear suspension called PPS (Pauli Piippola Suspension) made for rougher conditions. The PPS is tougher but weighs more than the regular Ski-Doo suspension systems.[1]

Lynx snowmobiles feature the Bombardier Recreational Products legendary Rotax engine, which is known for its outstanding performance and reliability.[2] This engine design is also used in Ski-Doo brand snowmobiles.

The 2011 Lynx lineup features four different categories of snowmobiles which range in performance and function. Current options are: Sport, Crossover, Touring, and Utility.