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A lynx is a type of wild cat and a vicious hunter. Scientists are considering the idea of releasing lynx into Scotland, but they may kill livestock. There is an ancient myth about humans who were half human and half Lynx, but it has been proved genetically impossible to do.

Lynx may also refer to: The Siberian Lynx




  • Emcee Lynx (born 1980), anarchist hip hop artist from the San Francisco Bay Area
  • Lynx Vaughan Gaede (1992-), a member of the American white nationalist folk teen duo Prussian Blue




Military vehicles[edit]

  • Panzer IIL Luchs (German for "Lynx"), a light reconnaissance version of the German Panzer II tank used during World War II
  • Lynx reconnaissance vehicle, a U.S.-built vehicle used by the armed forces of Canada and the Netherlands
  • Pansarbil m/39 Lynx, a Swedish armoured car used by the Swedish and Danish armies
  • Lynx Scout Car, a Canadian–built version of the World War II Daimler Dingo
  • Lynx, a version of the ERC 90 Sagaie, a French six wheeled fire-support and reconnaissance vehicle
  • Iveco LMV, also called VTLM Lince (Italian for "Lynx"), a 4WD tactical vehicle developed by Iveco


  • Leyland Lynx, a model of single-decker bus produced by British Leyland in the 1980s and 1990s
  • Lynx (snowmobile), a brand of snowmobiles
  • Lynx (Orlando), a bus system operated by the Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority
  • Mercury Lynx, a model of car
  • Mitsubishi Lynx, a 1993 Mitsubishi Motors concept car
  • A British automobile company specializing in replicas of Jaguar D-type and C-type race cars







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