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Lyon is a city in France.

Lyon may also refer to:



Organizations and institutions[edit]

  • The Lyon-based football club, Olympique Lyonnais
  • Lyon's, a chain of restaurants headquartered in the US state of California
  • J. Lyons and Co., a chain of restaurants in England
  • Lyon & Healy, US company which manufactured harps
  • Lyon & Lyon LLP, a US legal company
  • Lyon College, an undergraduate liberal arts college affiliated with the Presbyterian Church
  • Lyon Court, the institution that regulates heraldry in Scotland
  • Lyon School, a style of painting that flourished around 1800
  • Council of Lyon, two ecclesiastical councils of the Middle Ages held in Lyon, France:
  • Lord Lyon King of Arms, head of Lyon Court, a Scottish heraldic official
  • Clan Lyon, Scottish clan associated with the lands of Glen Lyon in Perthshire, Scotland

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