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Lyon Turin Ferroviaire (LTF), subsidiary of Réseau Ferré de France (RFF) and Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (RFI), is the developer of the joint French-Italian part of the future rail link between Lyon and Turin.

The most important part of this planned line of more than 50 km is Mont d'Ambin base tunnel between Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne in France and the Susa Valley in Italy.

In November 2007, the European Commission granted €671.8 million (up to 30% of its total value) to the transborder section of the Lyon-Turin link through its multiannual TEN-T program (2007-2013).[1]

This contribution of the EU lies within the global financing of €2.1 billion in favor of the transborder section of the Lyon-Turin for 2007-2013 period. Italy and France bring the major part of these financing.

The operational start of the works for the cross-border section and the beginning of the excavation of the base tunnel is planned for 2013.

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