Máel Ísu I, Earl of Strathearn

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Máel Ísu I (also Maol Íosa, Máel Íosa, Mallus or Mallisse or Malise, "tonsured one of Jesus"), (fl. 1138), is the earliest known Mormaer of Strathearn. There is no indication that he was the first Strathearn mormaer, but poor source coverage from this period means that no previous ones are known.

Máel Ísu participated in the invasion of the Kingdom of England by King David I in 1138. Like his successor Ferchar, Máel Ísu is largely absent from the witness lists of Scottish royal charters, indicating a lack of involvement in royal government. He was, however, a witness to a Charter of David I, confirming certain gifts and grants to Dunfermline Abbey, dated about 1128.[1]

Ailred of Rievaulx portrays Máel Ísu as the chief representative of the native Scottish faction at the royal court, opposed to the faction of Franks led by Robert de Brus. After the defeat of the Scottish army at the Battle of the Standard, Máel Ísu was required to give a son as a hostage

Máel Ísu's wife or wives are unknown to us. We do know he fathered Ferchar, his successor.


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