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Máirtín Mac an Ghaill (born 1957) is Professor of Multi-professional Education, and the director of the Children, Young People and Family Research Centre at Newman University, Birmingham. He is the author of The Making of Men: Masculinities, Sexuality and Schooling [1], Gender and Education (ed) (with M. Arnot), Education and Masculinities and Contemporary Racisms and Ethnicities.

He did his undergraduate degree at University of Liverpool and his MSc and PhD at the University of Aston. He was professor at the University of Birmingham, University of Sheffield and Newcastle University.

Academic interests[edit]

His research interests that are interrelated are:

Developing a critical understanding of teaching and learning

Changing pedagogies and policies:achieving social equity

Rethinking future work on education

He has recently completed "Education and Masculinities: social, cultural and global transformations". He has recently been a joint director of a Joseph Rowntree Foundation funded project exploring Bangladeshi young people, ethnicity and transition to adulthood. He is currently working with postgraduate students from China, Taiwan and Japan on: global masculinities, migration, cultural identity and diversity.

Recent selected publications[edit]


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Articles and chapters[edit]

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