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Målilla roundabout, here in October 2005, has a huge thermometer in its centre
Målilla roundabout, here in October 2005, has a huge thermometer in its centre
Målilla is located in Sweden
Coordinates: 57°23′N 15°48′E / 57.383°N 15.800°E / 57.383; 15.800Coordinates: 57°23′N 15°48′E / 57.383°N 15.800°E / 57.383; 15.800
Country Sweden
Province Småland
County Kalmar County
Municipality Hultsfred Municipality
 • Total 3.26 km2 (1.26 sq mi)
Population (31 December 2010)[1]
 • Total 1,524
 • Density 468/km2 (1,210/sq mi)
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)

Målilla is a locality situated in Hultsfred Municipality, Kalmar County, Sweden with 1,524 inhabitants in 2010.[1]

It is more commonly known as the temperature capital of Sweden due to the frequent records, both high and low, being set there. A Swedish record high temperature of +38°C (100.4°F) was set on June 29, 1947. This record is shared with Ultuna in Uppland. The lowest temperature recorded is -33.8°C, one of the lowest ever recorded in southern Sweden.

Being famous for the extremes in temperature, visitors are welcomed by a 15 metre high thermometer in the middle of the town's only roundabout. Shortly after its inauguration in December 2000, it was hit by a car and the bulb had to be replaced.

Målilla is further famous for motorcycle speedway. Almost since the birth of the sport the local team has been amongst the best in Sweden[citation needed]. Dackarna Målilla, the original name of the team has lately changed names due to sponsorship deals. Luxo Stars and Team Svelux were two passing names until the original name once again was reinstated.

The other two things which has put Målilla on the Swedish map is their bandy team Målilla Bandy which has had quite big success during the years and adventurer and mountaineer Janne Corax who is the only Swedish alpinist with first ascents in the Himalaya on the CV.[citation needed]

The legendary pop band The Beach Boys founders, the Wilson and Love families, have their roots in Målilla.[citation needed]


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