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A local election was held in the State of Mexico, Mexico on Sunday, March 12, 2006. About 3.5 million people (40% of the total registered electorate) went to the polls to elect, on the local level:

In addition to the eight nationally recognized political parties, the State of Mexico has, as of 2006, one locally recognized political party, the Partido Unidos por México (PUM), therefore nine political parties will participate in the Mexico state election.

Election results[edit]

Official results can be found at the 2006 elections website.


Party/Alliance Won
Alliance for Mexico (PRIPVEM) 54
National Action Party (PAN) 24
Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) 23
Convergence 3
Labor Party (PT) 2
Alliance PRDPT 9
Alliance PRDPTConvergence 2
Alliance PRDConvergence 2
Alliance PTConvergence 3
Alliance PANPRD 1
Alliance PANPRDPT 1
Alliance PANPT 1

Local Congress[edit]

Seats won by party (FPP system)
Party 2006 results 2003 results Change
Alliance for Mexico (PRIPVEM) 19 24 -5
PRDPT 17 10 +7
National Action Party (PAN) 9 11 -2

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