Münster Cathedral

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Münster Cathedral
The Cathedral Church of Saint Paul
Sankt Paulus Dom
St.-Paulus-Dom and the Domplatz
51°57′47″N 7°37′32″E / 51.96306°N 7.62556°E / 51.96306; 7.62556
Location Münster
Country Germany
Denomination Roman Catholic
Website Website
Founded 1225
Consecrated 1264
Status Active
Functional status Cathedral
Style Romanesque and Gothic
Diocese Diocese of Münster
Bishop(s) Felix Genn
Provost Kurt Schulte
Dean Norbert Kleyboldt
St.-Paulus-Dom seen from the north, from the Buddenturm

Münster Cathedral (St.-Paulus-Dom) is a cathedral in the German city of Münster. It is the city's main church and one of its most important historical monuments, as well as the centre of the Diocese of Münster since that diocese's foundation in 805. It contains the tomb of Blessed Clemens August Graf von Galen.

Astronomical Clock[edit]

Astronomical Clock built 1540-43

Perhaps the most famous feature of the cathedral is its astronomical clock. Unlike modern clocks, the Münster clock is divided into 24 hours, runs counterclockwise, and indicates hours and minutes simultaneously. Since the clock faces south, the hands thus follow the actual course of the sun. The main hand, decorated with a silver sun and a rainbow, indicates the time. Each red and white line within the circle of Roman numerals represents four minutes. Five minor hands indicate the position of the planets Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Saturn and Mercury, while a silver ball (half painted black) represents the moon in its phases

Coordinates: 51°57′47″N 7°37′32″E / 51.96306°N 7.62556°E / 51.96306; 7.62556