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Current season, competition or edition:
2014–15 MŽRKL
Official logo of the MŽRKL
Sport Basketball
Founded 2001
Inaugural season 2001–02
No. of teams 12
Country  Bosnia and Herzegovina
Continent European Union FIBA Europe (Europe)
Most recent champion(s) Serbia Radivoj Korać
(1st title)
Most titles Croatia Šibenik
(5 titles)
Official website mzrkl.org

Međunarodna ženska regionalna košarkaška liga, shortly MŽRKL, also known as Women's Adriatic League (WABA), is a top-level regional basketball league, featuring female teams from Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia and Italy. Clubs from Austria, Hungary and Bulgaria had their representatives in MŽRKL in past seasons. Since 2012 a Cadet MŽRKL League and since 2014 Pionir MŽRKL League is also played.


MŽRKL was established in 2001 as EWWL League. In its first season it included six teams from four countries (Austria, Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina). After the regular season, it held a tournament in which the three best teams played, which was won by Athlete Celje. Next season the league expanded from six to eight teams, and the final tournament was altered so that the placement included the four top teams. At the final tournament the winner was Željezničar Sarajevo.

In 2003 the league changed its name to EWWL Trocal League, which lasted until 2006, and during these seasons the number of teams who played in the league varied from nine to twelve. In the period from 2004 to 2006 it had a representative from Macedonia and then one from Bulgaria in the 2006–07 season. Austrian clubs left the competition in 2004. Since 2003, the competing teams have been from Serbia and Montenegro. In 2006 the league changed its name to WABA NBL which it used till 2008. In 2006 the WABA Cup launched, which existed until 2010, which was attended by participants in the league. The WABA Cup in the year 2007 bore the name Vojko Herskel. In the 2008–09 season the league was named after WABA Multipover; in 2009–10 season, IWBL.

In 2010 the league changed to the present name, MŽRKL. The Vojko Herksel Cup was last played. In the 2012–13 season the league included the Hungarian PEAC-Pécs; and the Belgrade Partizan achieved a record in its history, playing 32 matches in the national competitions (regional league, championship and cup) all season without suffering a defeat. In the season of 2013–14 the format of the competition changed. Twelve teams which participated in the league were divided into two groups of six teams. Four first placed teams were placed in the quarterfinals, with the winners to the Final Four.


  • EWWL League (2001–2003)
  • EWWL Trocal League (2003–2006)
  • WABA NBL (2006–2008)
  • WABA Multipower (2008–2009)
  • IWBL (2009–2010)
  • MŽRKL (2010 – present)

Cadet MŽRKL League[edit]

In the season 2012-13, the Cadet League was launched, and since it has shown a lot of success in that period, it has continued to be held. So far, the only winner of the cadet MŽRKL has been Trešnjevka 2009 from Croatia.

Pionir MŽRKL League[edit]


Season Winners Score Runners-up Venue Location MVP
2013–14 Serbia Radivoj Korać 87:83 Serbia Crvena zvezda Morača Sports Center Podgorica United States Tavelyn James
2012–13 Serbia Partizan Galenika 70:45 Serbia Radivoj Korać SPC Vojvodina Novi Sad Serbia Milica Dabović
2011–12 Serbia Partizan Galenika 74:65 Bosnia and Herzegovina Čelik Zenica Arena Zenica Zenica Serbia Tamara Radočaj
2010–11 Croatia Šibenik Jolly 20:0 Croatia Gospić Dvorana Baldekin Šibenik Slovenia Ana Turčinović
2009–10 Croatia Gospić 73:65 Croatia Šibenik Jolly Gradska Skolska Sportska Dvorana Gospić Croatia Jelena Ivezić
2008–09 Croatia Šibenik Jolly 69:63 Montenegro Jedinstvo Bijelo Polje Nikoljac Bijelo Polje United States Constance Jinks
2007–08 Croatia Šibenik Jolly 72:66 Croatia Gospić Dvorana Baldekin Šibenik Czechoslovakia Lucie Conkova
2006–07 Bulgaria CSKA Sofia 73:67 Croatia Šibenik Jolly Universiada Hall Sofia United States Latasha Byers
2005–06 Croatia Šibenik Jolly 66:58 Serbia and Montenegro Vojvodina NIS SPC Vojvodina Novi Sad Croatia Sandra Popović
2004–05 Croatia Šibenik Jolly 82:66 Croatia Gospić Dvorana Baldekin Šibenik Three players[1]
2003–04 Croatia Gospić 59:58 Croatia Šibenik Jolly Gradska Skolska Sportska Dvorana Gospić
2002–03 Bosnia and Herzegovina Željezničar Sarajevo 84:78 Croatia Šibenik Jolly Dvorana Mirza Delibašić Sarajevo
2001–02 Slovenia Athlete Celje 2:1 Croatia Šibenik Jolly Dvorana Baldekin Šibenik


Team Winners Runners-up Years won Years runner-up
Croatia Šibenik
2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2011 2002, 2003, 2004, 2007, 2010
Croatia Gospić
2004, 2010 2005, 2008, 2011
Serbia Partizan
2012, 2013
Serbia Radivoj Korać
2014 2013
Slovenia Athlete Celje
Bosnia and Herzegovina Željezničar Sarajevo
Bulgaria CSKA Sofia
Serbia Vojvodina
Montenegro Jedinstvo
Bosnia and Herzegovina Čelik Zenica
Serbia Crvena zvezda

Notable former players[edit]

 Bosnia and Herzegovina
 United States

Notable former coaches[edit]


  1. ^ In this season the most valuable player is Anđa Jelavić Croatia, Vanda Baranović Croatia and Jelena Dubljević Serbia and Montenegro.

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