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Genres Jazz
Experimental music
Minimalist music
Years active 1970-1992
Past members Kenyatte Abdur-Rahman, Roy Brooks, Joe Chambers, Omar Clay, Eli Fountain, Fred King, Richard "Pablo" Landrum, Ray Mantilla, Francisco Mora, Max Roach, Warren Smith, Freddie Waits

M'Boom was an American jazz percussion ensemble founded in 1970 and led by Max Roach.[1] Although originally a sextet in 1970 over the years the group had as many as ten members in the ensemble but the core of Roy Brooks, Joe Chambers, Omar Clay, Max Roach, Warren Smith and Freddie Waits appear on most of the recordings released by the group.

All of M'Boom's members were percussionists; Roach created the group with the intent of exploring the textures of unusual and non-Western percussion instruments. Among the instruments used by the ensemble were marimbas, xylophones, timpani, vibraphones, gongs, timbales, chimes, bongos, steel drums, glockenspiels, and the musical saw.[1]

Recordings of the group in Zurich in 1982 and Alassio in 1979 have circulated on the Internet. They also played the Monterey Jazz Festival in 1994.



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