M.A.D. (Veronica Mars)

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Veronica Mars episode
Robert Clark in Veronica Mars 26-04-05.jpg
Seth Rafter arguing with Tad.
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 20
Directed by John T. Kretchmer
Written by Phil Klemmer
John Enbom
Production code 2T5719
Original air date April 26, 2005
Guest actors
Episode chronology
← Previous
"Hot Dogs"
Next →
"A Trip to the Dentist"
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"M.A.D." is episode 20 of season 1 of the television show Veronica Mars.


When Carmen is blackmailed by her boyfriend Tad with a video of her using a popsicle in an obscene way while in a jacuzzi, she goes to Veronica who devises a scheme to solve her problems. Unfortunately, Tad's a little too obsessed and he has a secret that will shock Veronica.

Arc significance[edit]

  • Keith discovers the Kanes are offering $50,000 to find Duncan.
  • Mac finds out for Veronica and Keith that Duncan bought an Argentinian passport for himself.
  • Keith runs a missing persons notice in the paper for Lianne Mars, so that he will be eligible for divorce, which Veronica notices.
  • Clarence Weidman shows Alicia Fennel the bug Veronica planted in his office and tells her to break-up with Keith or she will be fired.
  • Carmen can't remember the night of the party where Tad taped her. It was the same night that Veronica was raped.
  • Tad, while taped to the flagpole, admits that he used GHB on Carmen and that he got it from Logan.


Production details[edit]

  • This episode was originally called "Tit for Tad".
  • "M.A.D." stands for Mutually Assured Destruction; a term used by Veronica throughout the episode.

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