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"Burlesque"© By M.U.K / F. Mattrat


Fre(e)d, in solo / F. Mattrat


Male artist born in France on December 25 th in Rouen, Normandy. His acronym means Myself Under Karma.
He writes aphorisms, paints and composes music under the name Fre(e)d, in solo.
The style should be described as " free " with a main influence found in Basquiat's work.
He started to paint as a teenager, a little before the 21st century.

In his own words:
I have a deep respect for the chance we have when enjoying this Channel of creation.
When this connection between all the elements of the Circle of Life makes yourself subliming your limits.
We find it in the daily life as well, acting good and open to the delight of the Nature.

M.U.K never wanted to attempt artschool, or have anything to deal with the art world.
But is now open to collaborations with musical bands for visuals or other artists all over the world. As well as sponsors or galleries with a great ethic ...


• GA/GI 2 Festival in Pittsburgh, Pa, U.S.A. April 1+2, 2011. -> Festival's Blog.

• First official solo show scheduled for February 2013.

Other Activities[edit]

Music under the name Fre(e)d, in solo and has self-produced his records. Link
Fallen Leaves (2012) Link
Flowerdew (2010) Link
Full So(o)n (2008) Link
Forgive Your Realities (2006) Link
Flashed ( In the South ) (2004) Link

Aphorisms and spiritual support under the name " Moontain " Link

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