M. R. Peacocke

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M.R. Peacocke, Meg Peacocke, English poet, born 1930


M.R. (Meg) Peacocke, English poet. Sister of the composer Richard Rodney Bennett, who died December 2012 and with whom she collaborated on a number of choral works.[1]



  • Marginal Land. Peterloo Poets. 1988.  (out of print)
  • Selves. Peterloo Poets. 1995. 
  • Speaking of the Dead. Peterloo Poets. 2003, reprinted 2004, 2005, 2012. 
  • In Praise of Aunts. Peterloo Poets. 2008, reprinted 2011. 
  • Caliban Dancing. Shoestring. 2012, reprinted 2013.