Royal Ordnance L9

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Royal Ordnance L9
Centurion AVRE 165
Production history
Manufacturer Royal Ordnance Factories
Calibre 165 mm

Royal Ordnance L9 is a British short-barrelled 165 mm calibre gun used for combat engineering, particularly the demolition of defences.

The gun is capable of firing a 64 lb (29 kg) High Explosive Squash Head (HESH) demolition projectile distances up to 2,400 m (2,600 yd).[1] The HESH shell contains 40 lb of C-4 explosive[citation needed].

The L9 gun was mounted on Royal Engineers AVRE versions of the Churchill tank post-Second World War, and on the Centurion tank.

The gun's primary purpose is for clearing obstacles such as walls, fences, roadblocks, bunkers, etc. or for destroying buildings.[2]


M728 Combat Engineer Vehicle



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