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M2, M-2, M.2 or M02 may refer to:

In computers and electronics[edit]

In economics[edit]

In firearms and military equipment[edit]

In public transport[edit]

In roads[edit]

Main article: List of M2 roads

In science[edit]

In media and entertainment[edit]

In film[edit]

In music[edit]

  • (album), a 2001 album by jazz musician Marcus Miller
  • (artist), an ambient project of Mathis Mootz (The Panacea)
  • Minor second, a musical interval sometimes abbreviated as "m2"

In television[edit]

  • Magyar Televízió, a Hungarian TV channel
  • MTV2 (formerly "M2"), an American TV channel and sister channel of MTV

In other uses[edit]

  • M2, or Marching Mizzou, the performing marching band of the University of Missouri
  • Miles M.2 Hawk, a 1930s British two-seat light monoplane
  • M2, the second of five mechanics modules taken in the GCE A Level Maths and Further Maths syllabus
  • M2, an acronym used in aviculture for the Moluccan Cockatoo
  • M2, a nightclub in Shanghai, China, ranked as no. 38 in the world by DJ Magazine
  • M2, one of the ISO metric screw thread sizes
  • M2 (Mazda), a short-lived marketing approach by Mazda to create and sell exclusive Mazda-based vehicles for sale in Japan

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