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M24 Mine
Type High-Explosive Anti-Tank landmine
Place of origin United States
Service history
In service Discontinued
Wars Angola
Production history
Designed December 1961
Manufacturer Picatinny Arsenal
Produced September 1968
Weight 8.20 kg
Length 59.70 cm
Diameter 8.90 cm

Filling Composition B
Filling weight 853 g
For other uses, see M24 (disambiguation).

The M24 mine was a United States off-route land mine based around the M28A2 HEAT rocket normally fired by the M20 3.5 inch rocket launcher. The rocket was launched from an M143 plastic launch tube.


A trigger cable was laid across a road, when enough pressure was applied to the trigger cable two conductors inside the cable were forced together closing a circuit. The trigger cable consisted of two segments, requiring simultaneous pressure on both segments to trigger the mine. For wheeled vehicles, the cable was laid directly across the road so that wheels on both sides of the vehicle would touch the cable at the same instance, while for tracked vehicles the cable was laid at an angle of fifteen degrees to prevent the cable slipping between the treads on the tracks.

The rocket had a maximum effective range of about 30 meters beyond which it became too inaccurate to reliably strike the target.

The mine is long out of production and no longer in US service. The mine has possibly been used in Angola.

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