M3 motorway (Hungary)

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M3 motorway shield

M3 motorway
M3 autópálya
Route information
Part of E71 / E79 / E573
Length: 267 km (166 mi)
307 km (191 mi) planned
Major junctions
From: M0 (Hu) Otszogletu kek tabla.svg M0 in Budapest
  M30 autopalya.png M30 near Miskolc
M35 (Hu) Otszogletu kek tabla.svg M35 near Debrecen
To: M-road-06-Ukraine.svg M06 in Ukraine, at Barabás
Major cities: Budapest, Nyíregyháza
Highway system
Motorways in Hungary

The M3 motorway is a Hungarian motorway connecting Budapest to Nyíregyháza. It will eventually connect Budapest to the Ukrainian border. Two other motorways branch off it, the M30 (connecting the M3 to Miskolc) and the M35 (connecting the M3 to Debrecen). The M3 follows the route of route 3, and, later, route 4. The section of the motorway, the one between Görbeháza and Nyíregyháza was opened to the public in August 2007. The latest section of the motorway, the one between Highway 49 and Vasarosnameny was opened to the public in 10. 10. 2013.[1] The total length of the motorway now is 267 km.



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