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Route information
Maintained by National Highway Authority, Government of Pakistan
Length: 233 km (145 mi)
Existed: 19 August 2009 – present
Major junctions
North end: Faisalabad
South end: Multan
Major cities: Gojra, Jhang, Toba Tek Singh, Pir Mahal, Shorkot, Khanewal
Highway system

National Highways of Pakistan

Motorways of Pakistan

The M4 is an under-construction [1] motorway in Punjab province, Pakistan. It will be a 233 km long, 4-lane (with capacity to increase to 6-lanes) access controlled motorway with 8 junctions (interchanges). Upon completion, it would connect the M3 with the M5 and the cities of Faisalabad and Multan. Its ground breaking was done on 19 August 2009 and is expected to take 3 years to complete.[2] Upon completion it would connect southern Punjab to Pakistan's Motorway Network.[2]


The M4 will begin at the termination of the M3 at the Sargodha Road Interchange on the northern outskirts of Faisalabad. It will continue on a southwest course connecting the cities of Faisalabad, Jhang, Gojra, Toba Tek Singh, Shorkot, Khanewal and Multan. Once at Khanewal, it will merge onto the N5 temporarily until the M5 is complete.

The M4 will have four sections: (i) Faisalabad-Gojra (58 km)(now opened for traffic), (ii) Gojra-Shorkot (62 km), (iii) Shorkot-Din Pur-Khanewal (64 km) and (iv) Khanewal-Multan (45 km), whereas two large bridges will be constructed on the River Ravi and Sadhnai Canal.


Construction began on 19 August 2009 with the ground-breaking ceremony performed by Pakistan's Prime Minister, Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani. Construction is expected to take three years to complete but due to political instability and security reasons it is still undercontruction. The M4 will be constructed in four stages: (i) Faisalabad-Gojra (58 km), (ii) Gojra-Shorkot (62 km), (iii) Shorkot-Din Pur-Khanewal (64 km) and (iv) Khanewal-Multan (45 km), whereas two large bridges will be constructed on the River Ravi and Shadhnai Channel. Estimated cost is USD 601 million.

Junctions and interchanges[edit]

M4 Motorway
Southbound exits Junction Northbound exits
To Gojra Sammundari and N-5 1 To Jhang
To Toba Tek Singh and N-5 2 To
To Khanewal at N-5 3 To N5 and Multan
To Multan at N-5 LMQ Road 4 To
To Moza Tataypur 5 To Multan
To Vihari 6 To Multan
To Bahawalpur and Lodhran at N-5 Ismail Shah Wala 7 To N5 and Multan

The M4 will have a total of 8 interchanges (exit/entry points).

Names of interchanges[edit]

construction of Faisalabad to Gojra section is completed===Faisalabad to Gojra section === 1- Aminpur interchange.

2- Chiraghabad interchange.

3- Syed Mehdi Shah Interchange.

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