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M-56А1 105 mm howitzer on display at "Partner 2011" military fair[where?]

The M56 Howitzer is a Yugoslav-made 105mm artillery gun that is based on the American M101 (m2A1).


The origin design was heavily copied from the M101, with some technical improvements to increase its capacity. It was originally manufactured in Yugoslavia in a 28 caliber version that had the capability to reach up to 13 km. Through the years, it was modernized to have a 33 caliber with a stronger breechblock and new recoil systems that allow it to fire modern rounds up to 18+ km, as it was able to handle higher pressure in the chamber and had a longer barrel. It was initially marketed by Yugoimport, but is now manufactured and sold by BNT TMiH in Bosnia.[1]

According to the United Nations, some 1,500 units of the M56, in its various models, have been produced and over 200 were exported between 1998 and 2004.[2]

Technical data[edit]

  • M-56 caliber 33
  • Weight: Between 2,190 kg to 2,330 kg depending on options
  • Min. reach: 2,000m
  • Max. reach: up to 18 km
  • Muzzle brake: Double
  • Min. elevation: -180 mils
  • Max. elevation: 1200 mils
  • Horizontal limits: 462 thousandths
  • Frequency of fire: 6 round/min


Outside of the former territory of Yugoslavia, the M56 is known to be in service with:

  • Bangladesh
  • Cyprus
  • El Salvador
  • Guatemala
  • Nigeria, likely the largest export user (200)
  • Indonesia
  • Myanmar
  • Mexico
  • Pakistan, which has one of the most in use (113).[3]
  • Perú


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