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M5, M-5, M.5, M-V, or M05 may refer to:




Aviation and aerospace[edit]

  • M-5 rocket, a Japanese rocket
  • Macchi M.5, an Italian flying boat fighter in service from 1917 until the mid-1920s
  • Miles M.5 Sparrowhawk, a 1930s British single-seat racing and touring monoplane
  • Fokker M.5, a 1913 unarmed single-seat monoplane aircraft
  • Grigorovich M-5, a Russian World War I-era biplane flying boat
  • Kenmore Air (IATA airline designator: M5), a small airline based in the United States

Media, fiction and entertainment[edit]

Science and technology[edit]

  • Messier 5 (M5), a globular cluster in the constellation Serpens
  • M5 fiber, a high-strength polymer used in composites
  • CALM M5, a vehicular communications standard
  • Sord M5, a Japanese home computer marketed in the 1980s
  • Panasonic M5, a VHS-recording camcorder marketed in the 1980s
  • Amateur Radio, a UK Full class license prefix
  • M5, a full system computer architecture simulator for use in computer system design research
  • M5 Networks, a voice-over-IP company acquired by ShoreTel in 2012


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