M74 Tank Recovery Vehicle

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M74 in Sinsheim Museum

The M74 tank recovery vehicle (T-74)[1] was an engineer vehicle used by the U.S. Army in the 1950s.


M74 in Germany

Based on the M4A3 medium tank,[2] it was developed to cope with the heavier M26 Pershing and M47 Patton which were entering service,[3] which the M32 was unable to retrieve. Using the standard Ford GAA[4] and wide tracks,[5] the chassis would be rebuilt.[6] It was fitted with a 90,000 lb (41,000 kg) hydraulic winch as well as a lighter-duty general purpose one,[7] a hydraulic A-frame,[8] and hydraulic front-mounted spade, which was suitable for light dozing,[9] as well as serving as an anchor for heavy winching operations.[10]

M4 Sherman based recovery vehicle.JPG

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  • TM 9-7402 M74 Recovery Vehicle (1956)
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