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For the breakfast cereal, see Disney Mickey's Magix. For the fictional location, see Winx Club.
Not to be confused with the plural of "Magic" or "Magik"
Type Aktiengesellschaft
ISIN: DE0007220782
Industry Software
Founded 1993
Headquarters Berlin, Germany
Revenue 28.8 million or $US 37.8 million
Employees 342 (30 Sep. 2012)

MAGIX AG is an international provider of software, online services and digital contents for multimedia communications based in Berlin, Germany. The Company also operates from branches in the United States, Canada, the UK, France, Italy, Spain and the Netherlands. MAGIX has developed software for creating, editing, managing and presenting photos, graphics, videos and music since 1993.


MAGIX was founded in Munich, Germany in 1993 by Jürgen Jaron, Dieter Rein and Erhard Rein under the name of "MAGIX Technology GmbH". The first product, MAGIX Music Maker, was published in 1994. From 1997 MAGIX began distribution in several European countries and the US via locally based subsidiaries. In 1999 MAGIX moved its headquarters from Munich to Berlin, Germany. Since then the company has made further expansions. In 2000, venture capitalist 3i and technology holding company tbg invested € 4.9 million in MAGIX.[1][2]

On April 6, 2006, MAGIX AG went public on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.[3] 3i took partial exit during the IPO. It held about 11% of Magix post-IPO,[4] but sold its stake to Heidelberg Capital in 2008.[5] Later that year, MAGIX acquired freedb, a database of compact disc track listings.

In 2007 MAGIX acquired UK-based software developer Xara.[6] In 2008 MAGIX AG initiated the Knowledge Community as an independent social network for experts on the topics of music production, video and photo editing. The social network counts 112,000 members (as of April 2011).[7] In 2009 an additional group subsidiary was founded – MAGIX Online Services GmbH, based in Berlin. The main online services from MAGIX are united in this company.

Financial and other data[edit]

Year 2011/2012[8] 2010/2011[9] 2009/2010[10] 2008/2009[11] 2007/2008[11] 2006/2007[12] 2005/2006[13] 2004/2005[13] 2003/2004[13]
Revenue € 28.8mn € 36.1mn € 37.1mn € 34.8mn € 32.1mn € 32.7mn € 35.8mn € 27.5mn € 21.8mn
Earnings before interest and taxes € 2.8mn € 5.3mn € 5.6mn € 3.1mn € 2.1mn € 3.1mn € 8.2mn € 4.9mn € 5.3mn
Net income € 1.9mn € 3.5mn € 4.4mn € 2.2mn € 2.0mn € 2.5mn € 5.1mn € 3.2mn € 4.2mn
Staff 342 343 325 303 307 319 303 220 178

The fiscal year in the cited reports is the period from October 1 to September 30.


The following Companies belong to the MAGIX Group as fully owned subsidiaries (as of September 30, 2012):[14]


Photo & Graphic
Xara 3D Maker
Photo Manager Deluxe
Page & Layout Designer
PhotoStory on DVD
Xara Photo & Graphic Designer
Movie Edit Pro
Movies on DVD
Rescue Your Videotapes!
Video easy
Video Sound Cleaning Lab
Movie Edit Touch (Windows 8 App)
Audio Cleaning Lab (also for Mac OS)
MP3 deluxe
Music Maker
Rescue Your Vinyl & Tapes
Samplitude Music Studio
Digital DJ
Music Maker Jam (Windows 8 and Android App)
Xara Web Designer
Website Maker (also for Mac)
Online Album
Pro Products
Video Pro X
Xara Designer Pro


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