MAGIX Sequoia

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Developer(s) MAGIX
Stable release 13
Operating system Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8
Type Digital audio workstation
License Trialware

MAGIX Sequoia is a digital audio workstation. It is the most powerful of the MAGIX audio software family, essentially offering a superset of MAGIX Samplitude's functionality. Sequoia is purely software-based making it independent of proprietary audio hardware.

Sequoia offers features like multi-synchronous cut, a consistent further development of the source/destination editing model, including a crossfade editor.

Sequoia is capable of using multi-track projects to burn Red Book compatible master CDs. These CDs may feature copy protection, UPC/EAN, ISRC codes, pre-emphasis, and CD text. Formats for transferring the project to the vinyl press include DDP or wave export including cue list. For post-production, the option to use the audio input from the sound card for synchronizing Sequoia with the local external timecode is also available. It standard ships with a wide range of great sounding plugins. In early days, this was one of the main differences to its competitors. For years, Sequoia is one of the best sounding DAW software available.

Sequoia has been an integral part of leading broadcast and mastering studios worldwide for years, including WDR, MDR, SWR, the Vienna Symphonic Library, and Sterling Sound in New York.[1]