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London Central VM1 BJ11 XGZ 2.jpg
The second Volvo B9TL/MCV DD103
Manufacturer MCV
Body and chassis
Doors 1 or 2 door
Floor type Low floor
Chassis Volvo B9TL

The MCV DD103 is a double-decker bus bodywork built on the Volvo B9TL chassis and is the first of this type of vehicle built by Manufacturing Commercial Vehicles.

The first bus was built as demonstrator for Go-Ahead London, but the bus suffered from overweight issue and it was subsequently rebuilt and transferred to Wessex Connect. After a bridge strike, it was subsequently rebuilt as a sightseeing bus for the Windsor Tour.

Due to the first prototype of the new MCV double decker being too heavy to meet TfL requirements, MCV has built a second lighter version of the bus and is being trialed by Go-Ahead London on London Buses route 425.

A third bus was first registered in 2012 and received by London United for fuel comparison.

9 DD103s have been ordered by Golden Tours of London, 6 being Open-Top variants.[1]

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