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MC Shadow
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Background information
Birth name Kory Neely
Born 1970
Origin Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Genres Hip Hop, R & B, Dance
Occupations Rapper
Years active 1984–1994
Labels East Park Productions (Independent), Mirgin / U.K.A Records
Associated acts Get Loose Crew, JUST Me, MC B, Carlito, Self Defence, MC Rumble (Rumble & Strong), Maestro Fresh Wes, Michie Mee, Dream Warriors, Organized Rhyme, Snow
Website MC Shadow

Kory Neely, better known as MC Shadow is a Canadian rapper, producer and author, who achieved fame for being the first white rapper in Canadian musical history (second only to the Beastie Boys internationally).[1] His group Get Loose Crew was the first Canadian rap group to produce a mini LP and the first to effect international sales.[2] Neely also had a brief solo career and worked with R&B singer Kaye Sergeant after The Get Loose Crew split ways in 1990.


Early Years: 1984 to 1987[edit]

In early 1984 the Def Force Sound Crew—consisting of band members Chris Jackson (Dj JEL), Len Grant-Stuart (Mix-Master Len) and Kory Neely (originally named "White Shadow") -- was formed and played (DJ'd) at their local junior high school, Valley Park Junior High, and at community center dances in Flemingdon Park, Toronto. After defeating local artist MC Rumble during rap battle at an underground party, Neely decided to aim for a recording contract and international recognition.

Get Loose Crew: 1987[edit]

In 1987 both Neely and the group changed the names: the former to "MC Shadow", the latter to "Get Loose Crew". The act began self-producing demo tapes played on Ryerson University (then Ryerson College) Radio Station CKLN-FM.

With no Canadian labels showing an interest in the group, they decided to begin their own label, East Park Productions, eventually signing a global distribution agreement with Electric Distribution in Markham, Ontario.

Get Loose Crew - The Album 1988[edit]

The Crew, with Neely as the frontman, recorded the first rap album in Canadian history in 1988, though the pres was considered a "mini-LP" because it only featured four tracks with accompanying instrumentals. The single "Wannabe" reached number 5 on the local urban chart in May 1988.[3]

In June 1988 the group was featured in STREETSOUND magazine, a national publication. Neely commented on the early Canadian rap scene and the importance of the group's performances:

“When people come to a show, they’re critical. They come to see a performance. It’s got to be rockin’. From beginning to end. It has to be an organized performance, unlike four years ago, when everybody would just jam. No fighting, no chain snatching, no B-Boy destruction”.


JUST Me: going solo 1991[edit]

Neely became the first Canadian rapper to be included in a multi-track CD compilation when his collaboration with Kaye Sergeant, "What I'm Sayin'", was featured on Mega Dance Volume 1 in 1991. This cut also received the FACTOR new talent demo award in May of that year.[5]

JUST Me: 1994[edit]

In 1994 a second multi-track CD compilation, America’s Most Wanted - Freestyle 94, contained "Do a Little Dance" (also featuring Kaye Sergant). The duo completed several unreleased projects and after a several tours with Self-Defence and former Get Loose Crew members, the duo decided to part ways.

Toronto Hip hop Exhibit 2010: T-Dot Pioneers[edit]

In March 2010, more than 20 years after the monumental release of Canada's first internationally released hip hop record, The Toronto Free Gallery held an exhibit called T-Dot Pioneers: An Exploration of Toronto Hip Hop History and Culture The exhibit featured items from the birth of Toronto hip hop which included the Get Loose Crew Album, old photographs, posters and awards – including the Juno Award for R&B/Soul Recording of the Year won by founding Get Loose Crew member MC B in his solo career. The exhibit coincided with the launch of a new Canadian hip hop website, Northside Hip Hop which featured the Neely (and his former band) as pioneers in Canadian Hip Hop reuniting Chris Jackson (now Chris Gotrocks) and Carl Badwa (now Don Carlito formerly MC B & B-Kool) and Neely.

CBC Hip Hop Summit: 2011[edit]

MC Shadow (kory neely) CBC Hip Hop Summit Red Carpet.JPG

On the foundation of the success of the T-Dot Pioneers Exhibit, The CBC (Canadian Broadcast Corporation) (a concept proposed by Chris Jackson) organized a live recorded show commemorating Hip Hop History hosted in the prestigious Glen Gould Studio at CBC in Toronto.

Neely was reunited with several fellow artists and co-founders of Canadian Hip Hop Music as part of an exclusive concert. The event gleaned a summit paying respect to Canadian Hip Hop by documenting its history through performance over several days. While Neely did not reunite with former band mates for a performance, his album was displayed on the iconic Glen Gould Wall and showcase and recognition by summit host/artist Buck 65 during the show. The event featured a red carpet and other items such photographs, flyers, vinyl cassettes and other paraphernalia now considered artifacts.


Album information

Get Loose Crew Mega Dance Volume 1 - CD Compilation America’s Most Wanted - Freestyle 94 - CD Compilation
Released: 1988 Released: 1991 Released: 1994
Label: East Park Productions (Independent)

Singles: Get Loose Crew, Rap Vigilante

Label: Mirgin/U.K.A Records Canada

Singles: What I’m sayin

Label: Mirgin/U.K.A Records Canada

Singles: Do a little dance


Sample of "What I'm Sayin' Streetmix," original work of song 'What I'm sayin' and track featuring solo effort of JUST Me (1991).

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