MDLR Airlines

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MDLR Airlines
MDLR Logo.jpg
Founded 2007
Ceased operations 2009
Hubs Indira Gandhi International Airport
Frequent-flyer program MDLR 1
Fleet size 3
Destinations 7
Company slogan Luxury In The Air
Parent company Mai Dalal
Headquarters Gurgaon, Haryana, India
Key people Gopal Goyal (Chairman)

MDLR Airlines was an airline based in Gurgaon, Haryana, India. It operated scheduled domestic services. It suspended its operations from 5 November 2009.[1]


The airline started operations on 14 March 2007, and was wholly owned by Murli Dhar Lakh Ram (MDLR) Group and had around 250 employees (at September 2008).[1] the group is originated in Sirsa, Haryana in northern India started by Gopal Goyal Kanda, a local politician. The airline was started in the middle of a major growth period for Indian aviation, but was launched just as oil prices were climbing. The airline tried the full-service model promising its passengers 'pure vegetarian food', but missed lease payments to BAe for their Avro RJ70 aircraft.


MDLR Airlines operated scheduled services to the following domestic destinations[2] (as of April 2009):[1]



An MDLR Avro RJ70.

The MDLR Airlines fleet included the following aircraft (at September 2008):[3]

MDLR Airlines Fleet[4]
Aircraft In Service Passengers bhago
Avro RJ70 3 70 (6/64) VT-MDL, VT-MDM, VT-MDN
Total 3


In 2012 an air-hostess, Geetika Sharma working with MDLR committed suicide. In her suicide note the girl mentioned that she is committing suicide due to constant harassment from Gopal Kanda (Owner) of the airlines. In further investigation it was discovered that the offer letter(for the job of an air-hostess) by MDLR made it mandatory for Geetika to "report" to Kanda every evening.[5] The police were investigating why Kanda, a managing director of a company, wanted to have a newly joined air-hostess to report to him daily.

Six months after Geetika Sharma killed herself in her home in North West Delhi, her mother Anuradha has committed suicide in the same apartment.The suicide note left behind by Geetika's mother also blames Mr Kanda.[6]

The airline had shown an interest in buying the Sukhoi Superjet 100.[7]

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