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A MEGA-mall in Moscow

MEGA The Family Shopping Centre is a chain of shopping centres in Russia owned and operated by IKEA.[1] Each MEGA brings together in one place over 150 tenants offering goods and services. Its anchor tenants include the IKEA store, a hypermarket and a DIY store.

At the moment there are 14 MEGA centres in Russia: 3 in Moscow, 2 in Saint Petersburg, and 1 each in Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Rostov-on-Don, Adygea (near Krasnodar), Samara, Ufa, and Omsk. MEGA Belaya Dacha in Belaya Dacha, Kotelniki, Moscow oblast is the second largest shopping mall in Russia, the largest outside of Moscow and one of the largest in Europe.

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List of MEGA malls[edit]

List of MEGA malls
Name Location Total retail floor
area (GLA)
Total area (m2) Tenants Shops
MEGA Belaya Dacha Kotelniki, Moscow Oblast 182,622 300,000 330+
MEGA Khimki Khimki, Moscow Oblast 174,688 210,618 220+ 250+
MEGA Tyoply Stan Sosenskoye Settlement, NAO, Federal City of Moscow 146,591 189,076 250
MEGA Dybenko Vsevolozhsky District, Leningrad Oblast 141,430 181,930 214
MEGA Rostov-on-Don Aksay, Rostov-on-Don 103,000 130,000 201
MEGA Samara Samara 130,000 200+
MEGA Omsk Omsk 130,000 150+
MEGA Parnas Vsevolozhsky District, Leningrad Oblast 102,195 127,149 185 130
MEGA Adygeya-Kuban Krasnodar 101,800 124,700 185
MEGA Yekaterinburg Yekaterinburg 84,000 127,000 130
MEGA Kazan Kazan 46,453 92,238 156 70
MEGA Novosibirsk Novosibirsk 43,563 103,441 190
MEGA Nizhny Novgorod Fedyakovo, Nizhegorodskaya Oblast 39,804 100,251 146


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