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Mainline Electric Multiple Unit
Memu DSCN4598.jpg
Owner Indian Railways
Locale India
Transit type Rapid Transit
Track gauge Indian gauge

The Mainline Electric Multiple Unit or MEMU is a commuter rail system in India operated by the Indian Railway for semi-urban and rural areas.


The first MEMU service in India started in 1991-92 between Raipur and Durg.


The system uses Mainline Electrical Multiple Units[1][2] (MEMU) operating on Alternating Current (AC) drawn from over-head cables through the catenary system.


MEMU trains are designed for semi-urban and rural areas, unlike EMU (electric multiple unit) trains that are designed for urban and semi-urban areas. MEMU trains also have end vestibules (the passageways connecting two coaches) not found on EMU trains. Also, unlike EMU, MEMU trains have lavatories.

'Italic text'==List of MEMU Trains== (Incomplete)


kanpur central-lucknow/ap singh



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