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MFF Support is the official fan club for Swedish football club Malmö FF. Founded on November 1, 1992, it has 2,195 members as of January 2014.[1] Based on the number of members it is one of largest fan clubs in Sweden. Since the founding of the fan club in the early 1990s the number of members has been rising up until recently after the 2005 season. The current chairman is Magnus Ericsson who's had the post since September 2011.[2]

Current Board[edit]

As of 21 September 2013[3]

Chairman: Magnus Ericsson
Board Members: Jonas Nirfalk, Victor Karmhagen, Fredrik Ingesson, Kaveh Housseinpour, Anna Storåkers, Åsa Wendin, Johan Miörner
Deputy Directors: Alexandra Alvlilja, Simon Swede


Years Name
1997–2004 Peter Åhlander
2005–2006 Jonas Rasmusson
2007–2009 Tony Ernst
2009–2011 Ola Solér
2011–Present Magnus Ericsson


MFF Support found itself in the limelight during a Royal League game in 2005, the first season of the Scandinavian Royal League Football Tournament. At this event, the Danish police allegedly attacked the members of the fan club without provocation at Parken, Copenhagen. MFF Support held the police officers accountable for this scandal, and this event made several headlines in Denmark back in 2005. 2008 the officers where convicted for missconduct in Danish court.


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