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Club crest
Full name Mestský futbalový Klub Dubnica
Founded 1926
Ground Mestský štadión, Dubnica nad Váhom
Ground Capacity 5,450
Chairman Ivan Nemečkay
Head coach Juraj Bútora
League 2. liga
2013-14 2. liga, 8th
Website Club home page

MFK Dubnica[1] is a Slovak football club, playing in the city of Dubnica nad Váhom.


MFK Dubnica was founded in 1926 and spent much of its early years playing in the regional Czechoslovakian leagues until 1977 where they were finally promoted to the national first division and finished a respectable 9th in their first season. The team continued in top flight football for 10 years before being relegated in 1987 and it would be at least another 10 years before the team would play at the highest national level again but this time in the independent state of Slovakia. In 1996 Dubnica gained its promotion from the Slovak second division to form part of a newly structured league consisting of one league and 15 other teams. Dubnica would then be relegated the following season, which would set a trend of swinging between the first and second divisions. 2005 saw a turn in fortunes for Dubnica, a 4th place finished earned them a place in Europe for the second time playing in the Intertoto Cup.

The first match saw them come up against Vasas SC of Hungary, the match ended 0-0 in the first leg but the second leg saw Dubnica duly despatch the Hungarian side 2-0 at home. This win next saw the club taken to Turkey to face tough competition in B.B. Ankaraspor but Dubnica upset the home team with a shock 4-0 win and defended this lead well in the second leg only to lose 1-0. Dubnica's next match saw them take on the English team, Newcastle United F.C. but they proved to be too strong and failed to win either legs losing 3-1 and 2-0 respectively.

Events timeline[edit]

  • 1926 - Founded as SK Dubnica
  • 1948 - Renamed ŠK Sokol Škoda Dubnica
  • 1952 - Renamed ŠK Sokol Vorošilov
  • 1953 - Renamed DŠO Spartak ŠK Dubnica
  • 1962 - Renamed TJ Spartak ŠK Dubnica
  • 1965 - Renamed TJ Spartak SMZ Dubnica
  • 1978 - Renamed TJ Spartak ZTS ŠK Dubnica
  • 1993 - Renamed FK ZTS Kerametal Dubnica
  • 1999 - Renamed FK ZTS Dubnica
  • 2003 - First European qualification, 2003
  • 2008 - Renamed MFK Dubnica

Statistics of club from season 1996/1997 to season 2011/2012[edit]

1996/97 - 15th (descent) - 30-8-8-14 29:43 32 points.

1998/99 - 13th 30-8-4-18 28:60 28 points.

1999/00 - 11th (descent, in this season was 16 teams, but in next season only 10) 30-9-7-14 35:35 34 points.

2001/02 - 8th 36- 9-11-16 38:48 38 points.

2002/03 - 7th 36-12- 7-17 41:52 43 points.

2003/04 - 6th 36-12-10-14 41:42 46 points.

2004/05 - 4th 36-13-12-11 42:43 51 points.

2005/06 - 8th 36-10-10-16 41:55 40 points.

2006/07 - after autumn part 10th and on spring in barrack 2nd (Dubnica stayed in Corgoň lige) Autumn: 22-6-7-9 24:35 25 points. Barrack: 14-6-5-3 16-15 23 points.

2007/08 - 9th 33- 7-12-14 34:53 33 points.

2008/09 - 8th 33-10- 7-16 43:49 37 points.

2009/10 - 9th 33- 8-12-13 27:42 36 points.

2010/11 - 12th 33- 7-10-16 23:47 31 points (descent to 2nd league)

2011/12 - 8th 33- 10-13-10 32:31 43 points

Notable players[edit]

Had international caps for their respective countries. Players whose name is listed in bold represented their countries while playing for MFK.

Past (and present) players who are the subjects of Wikipedia articles can be found here.

Current squad[edit]

As of 2 August 2014[2]
Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
4 Slovakia MF Michal Takáč
5 Slovakia DF Miloš Šupák (vice-captain)
6 Slovakia DF Jakub Švirik
7 Slovakia MF Kevin Habšuda
8 Slovakia MF Martin Suchý
9 Slovakia FW Andrej Števček
11 Slovakia FW Roland Šmahajčík
12 Slovakia DF Roman Hlatký
13 Slovakia DF Matej Vaculík
14 Slovakia MF Adam Cisár (captain)
15 Slovakia FW Ladislav Szücs
No. Position Player
16 Slovakia Martin Sečány
16 Slovakia DF Maroš Čurik
19 Slovakia Juraj Krošlák
20 Slovakia FW Samuel Bielik
22 Slovakia MF Martin Janco
23 Slovakia DF Robert Štefánek
24 Slovakia MF Richard Čiernik
30 Slovakia GK Medard Vangel
31 Slovakia GK Matej Slávik
–– Slovakia FW Rastislav Matuška

For recent transfers, see List of Slovak football transfers winter 2013-14.

Out on Loan 2012/2013[edit]

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

No. Position Player
Slovakia GK Pavel Kováč (at Slovan Bratislava)
Slovakia MF Filip Vavrík (at Moravany nad Váhom)
No. Position Player
Slovakia GK Andrej Kukuliaš (at TJ ISKRA Borčice)
Slovakia DF Filip Chromý (at Senec)
Slovakia DF Miloš Riečičiar (at Piešťany)

Reserve team[edit]






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