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MG-RAST is an open source web application server that suggests automatic phylogenetic and functional analysis of metagenomes [1] . The application is high-throughput and as for September 7, 2013 holds 90,532 metagenome analyses. Over 300 billion sequences have been analyzed. The name is an abbreviation of Metagenomic Rapid Annotations using Subsystems Technology. The pipeline automatically produces functional assignments to the sequences that belong to the metagenome by performing sequence comparisons to databases in both nucleotide and amino-acid levels. The applications supplies phylogenetic and functional assignments of the metagenome being analysed, as well as tools for comparing different metagenomes.

  • MG-RAST uses the a single database to create portable similarities against most major annotation repositories (see M5NR below).
  • MG-RAST provides a RESTful API (see API below)

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