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MGH group
Industry Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Aviation Services, Food & Beverage, Distribution, Shipping, Information Technology, Media, Entertainment
Founded 1992
Slogan Global Sourcing Made Simple

MGH Group is a Bangladesh-born, and Singapore Head Quartered conglomerate.[1] MGH has core investments into Contract Logistics, Supply Chain, Ocean Carriers, and Airlines GSA representations, Inland Container Terminal Management, Food & Beverage Retail, FM Radio, Cable Television Network, Tea & Rubber Plantation, Commercial and Retail Banking, Computer Reservation System (CRS) Distribution, Internet Booking Engine, and Inventory of Premium Land Bank respectively. Born in Bangladesh, now headquartered in Singapore, MGH-owned operations span all across India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Myanmar, Vietnam, Mauritius, Madagascar, Qatar, Kuwait, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan, and Nigeria.[2]

MGH was established in 1992 by current group managing director, Anis Ahmed; who also happens to be the honorary consul to The Republic of South Africa.[3] MGH started it business as a distributor for Gillette.[4] MGH Also remains the sole distributor of P&G in Bangladesh.[5]

List of Companies[edit]

  • Transmarine Logistics, a well known Freight Forwarding Company spanning Bangladesh, India and Pakistan[6]
  • Global Travel Services Pte Limited, Sole Distributor of Galileo Travelport International USA in Bangladesh, Nepal, Mauritius, Madagascar, Kazakhstan and Nigeria [7][8]
  • Global Freight Ltd., General agents in Bangladesh for Dubai based United Arab Shipping company; Santandrea SRL, Italy; and Atlantic Forwarding AG, Switzerland [9]
  • Peninsular Shipping Services Ltd, Global agents in Bangladesh for CSAV Norasia and SEKO Logistics,USA
  • Renaissance Aviation Limited, GSA in Bangladesh for Air Mauritius, South African Airways, Egypt Air, IndiGo.[10]
  • Integrated Transportation Services Ltd, Exclusive agent in Bangladesh for Panalpina World Transport, Basle, Switzerland and Singapore based Regional Container Lines (RCL) [11]
  • MGH Restaurants Pvt. Limited, Sole franchisee of Nando's Restaurants Chain in Bangladesh and Nepal, and sole franchisee of Barista/Lavazza Coffee in Bangladesh.[12]
  • Eastern Bank Limited, A private bank in Bangladesh.[13]
  • Bangladesh Commerce Bank Ltd., A private Bank in Bangladesh.[14]

CSR Activities[edit]

MGH Group has a CSR program which provides legal and financial aid to Bangladeshi immigrants stranded abroad. These immigrants are mostly impoverished Bangladeshis fallen victims to human traffickers and being stranded in strange lands with no money and no job. MGH Group rehabilitates them in Bangladesh.[16]


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