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Industry Hospitality
Services Hotels and resorts
Parent Accor
Mercure Hotel in Opole

Mercure Hotels is a brand of hotels run by French multinational corporation Accor.

Most Mercure hotels are positioned between Ibis and Novotel in the Accor estate. There is also a five star branch of Mercure hotels known as Grand Mercure with a chain of 10 Grand Mercure hotels in China under the Chinese brand name Mei Jue (美爵酒店 Měi Jué Jiǔdiàn).[1] There are about 750 three to four-star Mercure hotels and five star Grand Mercure hotels. In Australia and New Zealand, Grand Mercure Apartments is a growing 4.5 - 5 star short and long stay apartment brand.

History and expansion[edit]

Paul Dubrule and Gerard Pelisson founded Mercure in 1967. The first Mercure hotel was established in 1973 in Saint-Witz, France. Mercure Novotel was taken over in 1975 by Société d'Investissement et d'Exploitation, later the Accor Group.

In 1983, Mercure expanded into Germany. In 1993, Accor acquired a stake in the Hungarian Pannonia hotel chain with 24 hotels. The group also expanded into Poland, Asia, Turkey, and Africa. In 1994, hotels opened in the Caribbean, Guyana and Réunion. In 1995, Mercure established themselves in Spain, Sweden, Egypt, Oman, and Dubai, and opened a hotel in São Paulo, Brazil. In 1996, hotels opened in Berlin, Barcelona, Offenburg, Weimar, San Sebastián, Bari, Israel, Croatia, and Malta. In 1997, hotels opened in Estonia, Togo, Madagascar, Colombia, Egypt, Morocco, and Lebanon. In France, Accor acquired 33 Frantour hotels and rebranded them. The group also expanded the brand into the United Kingdom. In 1998, the ten hotels of the Dutch hotel chain Postiljon were acquired.

In 1999, 148 hotels were integrated into the network, including 42 Libertel hotels, 27 hotels in Germany and 27 in Australia. New hotels were opened in Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen. In 2014, Mercure hotel was opened in Latvia.


B-Lay Tong Phuket - MGallery Collection, view of the pool and reception from the Spa Suite

MGallery, short for Mercure Gallery, is a collection of 50 boutique hotels in 21 countries offering luxury architecture, interior design and services.[2] Each MGallery hotel and resort has a strong focus on local culture and heritage, whether it is located in a city centre or a mountain or seaside resort.


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