State Highway 195 (Maharashtra)

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State Highway 195 (Maharashtra)
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MH SH 195 or Maharashtra State Highway 195 runs in Buldhana and Akola Districts in India.

It is a road which connects Burhanpur (MP) from one end. It starts from MP - Maharashtra border, takes route as in Buldhana district as Umapur - Rasulpur - Jalgaon Jamod where it briefly merges with MH SH 194. It continues east as Kherda Bk - Sangrampur - Warwat Bakal, where it crosses MH SH 173 and goes eastward as - Salabad - Kakanwada Bk cross Vaan River. It enters Akola district and becomes Malegaon Bazar - Telhara - Ghodegaon - Pathardi - Mundgaon, finally joining MH SH 204 at Warula between Deori and Akot.



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