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MIDIjam Icon.png
Rocky theme.PNG
MIDIJam performing the theme from Rocky.
Developer(s) Scott Haag
Stable release 1.12
Operating system Windows
Type MIDI visualizer
License Freeware
Website http://www.gamesbyscott.com/midijam.htm

MIDIJam is a program created by Scott Haag that visualizes MIDI files[1] in 3D using musical instruments in real time. The list of instruments are available at Scott Haag's website. Almost all of the instruments supported come from the General MIDI databank, although certain instruments (like woodwind instruments, eastern stringed instruments, the banjo, and certain sound effects) do not have 3D models for them yet, and as such are not shown within the program.

Scott Haag was a programmer on Excitebots: Trick Racing at Monster Games for Nintendo on the Wii.[2]

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