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MIKE URBAN is a GIS-based urban modeling system for water distribution systems and wastewater collection systems. MIKE URBAN developed by DHI Water.Environment.Health and it is fully integrated with ArcGISTM (ESRI).


MIKE URBAN includes three main modules: MIKE URBAN Model Manager, Collection System (CS) module, Water Distribution modules.

MIKE URBAN Model Manager: it is a time series data management package and a modeling environment, including two public domain modeling program, SWMM5 and EPANET, that were developed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Collection System (CS) module: it includes pipe flow simulation, rainfall-runoff simulation, real-time control simulation, pollutant transport simulation, biological processes simulation.

Water Distribution (WD) module: it includes automatic calibration of water distribution network models, fire-flow tool for analysing the capacity of water distribution systems, control simulation options for extended period simulations, transient flow simulation of fully pressurised systems.


MIKE URBAN can be used for collection system (CS) and water distribution (WD) system data management, stormwater modeling, wastewater modeling and water distribution network modeling.

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