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Organization Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Contractor Space Devices
Mission Type Astronomy
Launch June 30, 2003 on Rockot
Launch site Plesetsk Cosmodrome
Mission duration 18 months (calculated)
Mass 66 kg
Webpage www.asu.cas.cz/english/new/MIMOSA/
Orbital elements
Semi-major axis 6948.57 km
Eccentricity 0.036
Inclination 96.80°
Orbital Period 96.07 minutes
Right ascension of the ascending node 60°
Argument of perigee
Accelerometer 3-axis micro-accelerometer for measuring non-gravitational forces, accurate to about 10−11 ms−2

MIMOSA (Micromeasurements of Satellite Acceleration) is a Czech scientific microsatellite. The satellite is nearly spherical with 28 sides and carries a microaccelerometer to monitor the atmospheric density profile by sensing the atmospheric drag on the approximated sphere. It has a fairly eccentric orbit, with an initial perigee of 320 km and apogee of 845 km.

MIMOSA is no longer in orbit. NORAD reported it burnt into the atmosphere on 11-Dec-2011.

MIMOSA was launched alongside other miniature satellites including MOST and several CubeSat-based satellites. Unfortunatelly the satellite never became fully functional due to the several technical problems on board.

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