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MKS may refer to:

  • Mutya Keisha Siobhan (often shortened to MKS), an English girl group
  • MKS system of units of measurement based on the metre, kilogram, and second
  • Lincoln MKS, an automobile produced by the Lincoln division of Ford Motor Company
  • MKS (Switzerland), a broker of precious metals
  • MKS Inc., a software vendor (formerly Mortice Kern Systems), or any of its products:
    • MKS Integrity, an application lifecycle management platform
    • MKS Toolkit, a Unix-like software environment for Microsoft Windows
    • MKS X/Server, a commercial X11 server for Microsoft Windows
  • Międzyzakładowy Komitet Strajkowy or Inter-Enterprise Strike Committee, an action strike committee formed in 1980 in Gdańsk Shipyard, Poland
  • .mks, a file extension for the Matroska open standard free container format