Tideland Signal

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Tideland Signal
Type Rock Hill Capital
Founded 1954 (1954)
Headquarters Houston, Texas, United States
Key people Matt Scheuing (President)
Products Navigational aids
Owner(s) Rock Hill Capital
Website www.tidelandsignal.com
SB-2200 Buoy

Tideland Signal Corporation is a manufacturer of marine aids-to-navigation.

According to the company, Innovations of Tideland Signal include:

  • World’s first transistorized, automatic lampchanger (1965)
  • World’s most efficient 300mm lantern (1967)
  • First windows based AtoN satellite monitoring system (1991)
  • The first solar powered rotating beacon of 24NM range (1990’s)
  • First Lloyd’s approved rotationally molded polyethylene buoy (1990’s)
  • One of the first Aids to Navigation companies to introduce LED’s (1990’s)
  • Production of the world’s lowest power Racon, the System 6 (2002)
  • First private light range tunnel, built according to IALA recommendations (2003)
  • First polyethylene buoy with enhanced current design features (2005)
  • First 30 degree vertical divergence LED lantern (2011)
  • Combined RACON and AIS unit with patent pending (2012)
  • 20 US. and 29 foreign patents; (other patents pending)

Tideland is a founding member of the IALA Industrial Members Committee, is accredited to ISO 9001:2008 and belongs to numerous professional and trade organizations associated with the maritime industry.

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