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Type of site
Video game journalism
Launched 2006
Current status Online

The My Media Gaming Network (MMGN) is an Australian video games and entertainment website. It focuses on content relevant to local and PAL audiences, including video games, movies, television, and hardware. As well as editorial content, it places emphasis on its forum and community involvement.

History[edit] launched in its present form in early 2010; however, its origins date back to 2005, with The My Media Gaming Network was born in 2006, with the arrival of, MyWii and MyDS. It continued to expand over the following years with more channels before being relaunched as one site.[1] In 2010 MMGN placed fourth in the inaugural iPitch i10 Awards, which recognises up and coming Australian companies in the online sector.[2] In January 2011, MMGN moved into its Melbourne-based office, as the company continues its expansion.[3]

MMGN launched its marketplace in June 2011, as a free service that allows users to buy, sell and trade games. They also plan to stock imported PAL games in the near future, to allow Australian users to purchase games at a more reasonable price. [4] In December 2012, MMGN in partnership with Mi9 will launch and publish 'GamesFIX' as part of the ninemsn TheFIX Entertainment Network.[5] GamesFIX will introduce gaming reviews, news, trailers and opinion to the ninemsn audience for the first time.[6]

Scoring system[edit]

As of January 2012, MMGN uses a 20 point scale to rate games out of 10. It replaces the 100 point scale used since 2006; however, previous scores remain unmodified. Previously, games were given an overall score as well as sub-scores for gameplay, graphics, sound and value. The new scoring system is simplified with only one final score. [7] Reviews are broken up into two sections: what a game got right and what a game got wrong. These are followed by a conclusion in the final verdict" with a score awarded out of 10, increasing in increments of 0.5 from 0 - 10.[8]


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