MOL Liga

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MOL Liga
Current season, competition or edition:
2013–14 MOL Liga season
MOL Liga.png
Sport Ice hockey
Founded 2008
No. of teams 7
Country Hungary (4 teams)
Romania (2 teams)
Slovakia (1 team)
Most recent champion(s) DAB-Docler
Related competitions OB I bajnokság
Liga Naţională

The MOL Liga is an international ice hockey league organized for clubs based in Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia. It is sponsored by the Hungarian petrolchemical concern MOL Group.

The games played between the Hungarian teams count towards the Hungarian National Championship in the OB I bajnokság. The Romanian teams also compete in the Romanian National Championship Liga Naţională.


In the first season the league comprised six Hungarian teams and four Romanian teams. HC Csíkszereda went undefeated in the post season to win the first MOL Liga title.

In the second season, the number of teams went down to five Hungarian and two Romanian teams. Following the regular season they decided the winner in a final four system. Budapest Stars met Újpesti TE in the final, after they beat SC Csíkszereda and Dab. Docler respectively. Újpest started the match better, taking the lead just after one and a half minute. However, the events took an U-turn and about two hours later it was the Budapest Stars who lifted the trophy, after winning the match 3–1.


Current teams[edit]

Team City Arena Capacity
DAB-Docler Hungary Dunaújváros Dunaújvárosi Jégcsarnok 4,000
Ferencvárosi TC Hungary Budapest Pesterzsébeti Jégcsarnok 1,500
Miskolci Jegesmedvék Hungary Miskolc Miskolc Ice Hall 1,304
Újpesti TE Hungary Budapest Újpesti Jégcsarnok 2,200
Corona Brașov Romania Brașov Brașov Olympic Ice Rink 1,584
HSC Csíkszereda Romania Miercurea Ciuc Vákár Lajos Ice Hall 2,000
HC Mikron Nové Zámky Slovakia Nové Zámky Fero-Stav Aréna Nové Zámky 2,500

Former teams[edit]

Team City Years in competition
Budapest Stars (Vasas Stars, Vasas HC) Hungary Budapest 2008–2011
SAPA AV19 Székesfehérvár II Hungary Székesfehérvár 2008–2009; 2010–2012
CS Progym Gheorgheni Romania Gheorgheni 2008–2009
HC Csíkszereda Romania Miercurea Ciuc 2008–2009
Steaua Rangers Romania Bucharest 2008–2009; 2010–2012



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