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MSSolve is the customer relationship management application which is used within Microsoft for all professional Customer Support departments of the service organisation: Professional Support and Premier Support MSSolve is developed on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform and replaced the earlier used Clarify CRM from Amdocs.

Microsoft started using MSSolve in the North American support organization in 2008. From then on Clarify was slowly replaced in more and more markets and regions and during Q2 2010 all Microsoft Support organizations for the business markets used MSSolve to manage new support requests. In the autumn of 2010, Clarify is no longer used and at the end of 2010 support engineers couldn't access the tool anymore. If customer make a reference to an old case under Clarify the data can only be retrieved via application-management.

MSSolve is built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform and uses the .NET development framework.[1] Since the introduction of MSSolve version 7.0 it uses the .NET 4.0 version. The tool is used in all regions around the world and is multilingual: also the non-Roman languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Arabic can work with MSSolve.

New in MSSolve is that there is one global system: in Clarify there were separate database for North-America, EMEA and the Far-East: if a case had to move from one region to another (e.g. for a complete business down situation where the support is transferred from EMEA to North-America (or NA to Far-East) to engineer can continue providing support after the normal business hours it is now just an action of transferring an active case from the working-bin of an engineer to the queue of the new support-centre or directly to a new engineer via a warm-transfer). In the past the Tier 1 call center had to create a new case in the new region and copy all information manually from one database to another database. There were several automatic update-processes in place to keep the status and most important data synchronised between the different databases, but this was not working well.

MSSolve does not use different databases for different regions: it is one global system and in general all procedure and processes regarding handling a case are the same all over the world. MSSolve also uses features of cloud computing: there is not one central storage location for all users: for example (large) data files sent by customers to an active support-case are kept in (at least) three main data centres: one in EMEA region (Dublin, Ireland), Far-East and Pacific (Singapore) and in the United States. Data is synchronized using DFS Replication.

Central in any CRM application are databases. MSSolve uses Microsoft SQL Server and MSSolve can use SQL Azure for a cloud-based database.


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