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semi Private
Industry Telecommunications
Founded 2005
Headquarters Tehran, Iran
Key people
Dr. Ebrahim Mahmoudzadeh (Chairman of the Board of Directors)
Products Prepaid and postpaid mobile phones

Irancell is the second largest mobile phone network operator of Iran. It is 49% owned by the South Africa-based MTN Group.


In August 2014, MTN Irancell Officially got the license for 3G and upper generation from Iran's Communications Regulatory Authority (CRA) and started its network for WCDMA in band 2100.[1][2]

On December 3, 2014, Irancell officially launched Iran's first LTE network in nine cities.[3]


MTN Irancell has two shareholders: Iran Electronic Development Company (IEDC) (51%), and MTN International (Mauritius) Limited (49%).

IEDC currently has two key shareholders:[4]



According to Reuters, the company was able to obtain banned U.S. technologies despite imposed sanctions against Iran.[5]

Sunni insult and boycott[edit]

In July 2013, Iran's Sunni community which is the second largest religious group, accused the company of insulting caliph Umar, after he was called "deceived by the Devil" in a competition's question. People in predominantly Sunni Provinces Kurdistan and Sistan & Baluchestan boycotted the company and a Sunni MP voiced their anger in a parliamentary session. Irancell later apologised for the 'unintentional mistake'.[6]

Mobile web pricing[edit]

After Irancell doubled the prices for its mobile web services in December 2014, some angerred users started protesting the company via the social media. Subscribers decided to hold a boycott on the company and remove their SIM cards altogether on December 31, 2014.[7]


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