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MUTE logo.png
MUTE logo
Developer(s) Jason Rohrer
Initial release 2003
Discontinued 0.5.1b [1] / May 27, 2009; 5 years ago (2009-05-27)
Development status Unmaintained
Written in C++
Operating system Cross-platform
Platform Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
Available in English, french
Type File sharing, Anonymous peer to peer
License Public domain

The MUTE Network (or MUTE-net) is an unmaintained peer-to-peer file sharing network developed with anonymity in mind. The MUTE client is open source software released under the Public domain and includes support for the Linux, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows computer operating systems.

History of MUTE[edit]

MUTE was developed by Jason Rohrer using a routing algorithm based on ant colony optimization.[2]

In the same period of time (mid 2000's), MUTE was competed by the software AntsP2P.[3]

Software compatible with MUTE network[edit]

  • Calypso (built in 2010 from the source code of Kommute [4])

Discontinued :

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