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Industry Heavy trucks
Headquarters Minsk, Belarus
MZKT entrance building

MZKT (МЗКТ or МЗКЦ, Belarusian: Мінскі завод колавых цягачоў, Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant (MWTP)) is a manufacturer of heavy off-road vehicles, especially military trucks, based in Minsk, in Belarus;[1] it was formerly a division of MAZ. MZKT civilian trucks are branded VOLAT (Belarusian: волат, literally means Giant).


In 1954, MZKT, the Minsk Wheeled Tractor Plant, was founded to develop artillery tractors; it then developed a series of heavy weapons transporters for the military of the USSR, including heavy offroad trucks such as the MAZ-537 and MAZ-7310.[2] It was a division of Minsk Automobile Plant (known as MAZ). The name in Russian is "Минский завод колёсных тягачей"; this is abbreviated MZKT in English. In 1991, MZKT was spun off into a separate company; its former parent, MAZ, continues to make a broader range of heavy vehicles.[3]

In 1992, military orders slowed, and MZKT attempted to adapt its products to civilian uses, such as mining trucks and crane carriers.


Many post-independence MZKT trucks continued to use a MAZ cab which resembled the Iveco Turbostar cab;[4] starting in 2010 these were replaced with Belkarplastik cabs, which are also used by Yarovit trucks.[5]

Some trucks made by Wanshan Special Vehicle, in China, are based on MZKT designs; the WS2400 is based on the MAZ-543.[13]

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