M. V. Kamath

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M.V. Kamath
Born 7 September 1921
Nationality Indian
Occupation Journalist. Honorary Director of Manipal Institution of Communication, Karnataka, India

Madhav Vittal Kamath is an Indian journalist. He was the former chairman of Prasar Bharati. He worked as the editor of 'The Sunday Times (India)' for two years during 1967-69 and its Washington Correspondent of 'Times of India' during 1969-78. He has also served as editor of 'The Illustrated Weekly of India'. Currently, he is the Honorary Director of Manipal Institute of Communication. He has also authored nearly 40 books on various topics. He was awarded,Padma Bhushan award in 2004.[1][2][3]

Kamath is the member of the Executive Committee of MAHE (Deemed University) and at the same time he is also the Honorary President & Honorary Director of the Manipal Institute of Communication. Since many years as a close friend and follower of Manipal Brahmathonsea Madhava Pai, Kamath has been the backbone of the T.M.A. Pai foundation. Born in 1921 at Udupi, Kamath completed his B.Sc. in Physics and Chemistry in 1941. For the first five years he worked in the field of Chemistry.

List of books[edit]

  1. On Media, Politics and Literature (2009), Prabal Publishing, Bangalore.
  2. Narendra Modi – The Architect of a Modern State (2009) Co-author Kalindi Randeri, Rupa & Co., New Delhi.
  3. Gandhi – A Spiritual Journey (2007), Indus Source Books, Mumbai.
  4. Reporter at Large (2002), Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai.
  5. The Pursuit of Excellence (1982), Rupa & Co., New Delhi.



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